Black History Month

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Celebrate Black History with your community this month, and every month. Learn about Black history makers, explore cultural traditions, and honor the evolution of Black history in America. From the Civil Rights Movement to #BlackLivesMatter, it is vital to understand our history so that we can impact our future. This is an ongoing challenge, beginning February 1st!

How the Challenge Works

Beanstack Account

  • Visit our Beanstack website. Click the "register" button if you need to create an account, or click the "sign in" button to access your existing account.
  • Alternatively, use the Beanstack Tracker App on your phone or other mobile device (apple | android) to create, sign in, and manage your account.
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Logging Your Reading

  • Register for the challenge. It is open for ages 12 and older!
  • This challenge uses Logging Badges & Activity Badges.
  • Click to log the minutes that you spend reading.
  • Enter the date you are logging for and the number of minutes that you read.
  • You will earn a logging badge for every 60 minutes logged.
  • You are challenged to log 600 minutes!

Activity Badges

  • Click on the individual activity badges and follow instructions to learn about different moments, people, and aspects of Black History!
  • Answer the questions in the text spaces and check the boxes as you complete each to log your activity.
  • See your badges appear in color as you work through the activities.
  • Earn all 10 activity badges to complete the challenge.
  • This is an ongoing challenge, so complete the activities at your own pace in any order!
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