Using AtoZ Travel Databasesto Learn More About England

Published Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Planning a trip or finding an authentic recipe can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Let “AtoZ” be your source for travel guides, cultural information, and recipes. AtoZ Global Road Warrior can give you detailed cultural information about every country on Earth. Learn about language, history, education, and culture as a whole. Looking for information on a particular city? Check out AtoZ World Travel. Find city guides, activities, language guides, security information, and more. Experience an epicurean adventure at home with AtoZ World Food. Search by country for authentic recipes and also find detailed information on etiquette and customs.

My dream vacation is England, but so far my experience with the British Isles relies heavily on British TV subscriptions and my favorite British Crime authors via audio books. I feel like I "know" this country like a proper Anglophile, but what should I really expect when I venture over the pond for the first time? First, I accessed Global Road Warrior and narrowed my search to the Great Britain:

Screen shot british isles

My first consideration was what the weather would be like. It can't rain ALL the time, right? And, since I tend to melt in our Midwestern summer humidity and heat, I know I want to pick my travel month carefully. Luckily, the database assures me that it very seldom gets over 86 degrees fahrenheit, so I'm pretty good to go any time of the year -- yay!


When I get to England, I already have a list of "must see" destinations, but I need to get a grip on some of the basics, like transportation. I love driving but I don't see myself tackling the "wrong" side of the road on my first trip to England. Luckily, I also love trains and it appears that England has train travel for tourists covered:

Trasportation train travel
Full english breakfast
Scotch eggs

Next, let's talk food. Britain has never been known for its food -- in fact, until recently, it has had a reputation for traditional fare that makes Europeans look down their noses and Americans shake their heads. But despite the recent uptake in locally grown, gourmet cuisine that has taken over the globe (including England), I really do just want to try those good ol' British classics I've read about in books. Fish and chips (a no brainer), but what's the "Full English" or a Scotch Egg, we might ask? I checked out AtoZ World Food and found images of these dishes with links to recipes:

Gotta hand it to the Brits -- piling sausage AND bacon, along with these other goodies, on a giant plateful of breakfast. Tomatoes and baked beans? Hmm. And "fry bread," which appears to be regular toast and butter, but we could hope might actually be a deep (or pan) fried buttery carb delicacy! Scotch eggs appear to be a brilliant meal-on-the-go, with eggs & sausage all fried up in a crisp, breaded crust. Yum. But, when I basically can't manage another bite and wondering if England has Walgreens and Tums -- how am I tipping the wait staff? Never fear, the databases have the answer:

Travel Essentials tipping
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