Celebrating 10 Years: Happy Anniversary Cary!

Published Friday, February 22, 2019

Cary has been a great asset to the library over the past ten years. She has worked in many different roles at our library, including Reference Librarian, Assistant Director, and currently as Collection Development Coordinator. Cary is always willing to go the extra mile for both patrons and staff and has a special ability to make people’s day better just by having spoken with her. We appreciate all the compassion and kindness she brings to the library every day and are so grateful for the work she has done to make the library better. Happy 10th Anniversary, Cary!

In what part of the library do you work and what do you do?

I have worked as a reference librarian, as Assistant Director, and now as Collection Development Coordinator. It is gratifying to get to work in various areas of the library. It helps me have a better grasp of the overall picture, our responsibilities to the community, and what we are accomplishing. Right now, it is great to devote focused time on purchasing books and DVDs for the adult library. I enjoy it very much.

What has changed the most since you started working here?

The easiest way to sum this up would be to quote a conversation I heard between a patron and a circulation staff member about six years ago. He said, “I don’t need a computer or laptop at home anymore because I use my phone for everything.” I remember at the time I personally wasn’t using my phone for “everything,” but my habits have evolved. Even though many of us use laptops for composing documents and spreadsheets, we all can probably agree that the use of mobile devices has completely changed the way we live. The “world” sits on my nightstand and charges every night, just waiting for me to explore again the next day!

What has kept you working at the library?

Three things:

  1. My creative, enthusiastic, smart co-workers. Everyone here has unique talents and abilities and are willing to share generously of these talents and their time. I would like these people even if I didn’t work with them!
  2. The pleasant environment.
  3. Knowing that I am part of something worthwhile to the community. I think libraries make the world a better place.

What services offered at the library do you wish more people knew about?

Our streaming & digital services that provide movies to watch, e-books to read, and e-audio to listen to. So many more choices than you would think. Check out Cloud Library, Hoopla, and Kanopy and see what you’re missing.


If you could have coffee with any author, who would you choose?

I really can't pick one. I’ll narrow it down to three, but there are more!

Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, Ruth Rendell

What’s an underrated book you think everyone should read?

I think Shirley Jackson’s books are more forgotten by the mainstream than they are underrated. She was appreciated in her time, but she is not known by today’s readers who aren’t looking to the forerunners of their favorite genres. She was the master of the uncanny and psychological suspense. She inspired many recent writers including Stephen King. Hopefully the Netflix remake of her The Haunting of Hill House will turn new readers on to her. But she is not really a horror novelist. You just have to read her to find out. I savor everything she’s written.

About the Author

Katherine is the Social Media Coordinator and has been working at EPL since 2008. She loves books, especially ones with unique plots and those written so well that she can't put them down.