Celebrating 25 Years! Happy Workversary, Lorraine

Published Monday, September 13, 2021

This year, we’re celebrating Lorraine’s 25th anniversary of working at the Edwardsville Public Library. She has been a Library Page through three Directors, several renovations, and a multitude of staff members. Lorraine’s presence is essential to the spirit of the library (I think the whole place might just stop existing if she couldn’t be here).

Her knowledge and skill have kept the collection organized but we also value her steadfastness and her dedication. It is a comfort to staff and visitors alike to know where they can find her on a weekday morning. We are grateful for her time and service and hope that we get to continue to enjoy her for some time to come.

Thank you Lorraine, for 25 years. Cheers, to many more!

- Amanda E., Circulation Manager

In what parts of the library have you worked and what do you do?

Before getting a job at the Edwardsville Public Library, I was a volunteer. My daughter worked here for many years while in high school and college before I started volunteering so I already knew and liked the staff. I did a lot of shelf reading (making sure books are in the right place) when I volunteered and ended up shelf reading the entire youth library which made me never want to do that again.

I was hired to work at the library as a Page, meaning that I shelved books. At that time I also checked in books and did some other tasks that the circulation clerks do now. I work upstairs in the adult library.

What has kept you working here?

I love being with people and have made so many good friends, both other staff members and members of the public. Working here has definitely given purpose to my day - knowing that I am going to work makes me happy. It also helps that I am a nut on keeping things straight and organized.

What has changed in the last 25 years?

I don't see a great deal of change with the library as an institution. People still want to read and a large number of them prefer to have a book in their hands. The staff changes, but the spirit of the library hasn't changed.

How have your reading habits changed?

I now only read books that have happy endings. No blood and gore. I don't want to read about other people's problems so I prefer romantic suspense/mystery.

Other thoughts?

The library is a place that seems to gather good people. Everyone is good to each other and friends. It is wonderful environment to work in.

About the Author

Katherine is the Social Media Coordinator and has been working at EPL since 2008. She loves books, especially ones with unique plots and those written so well that she can't put them down.