Celebrating 5 Years: Happy Anniversary Sam!

Published Friday, June 14, 2019

The Edwardsville Public Library is very pleased to recognize the 5 year anniversary of Samantha O. You can see Sam most often at the youth circulation desk, probably wearing some kind of Star Wars t-shirt. She is a go-to person for information about youth series.

The library and those using the library have really benefited from Sam’s expertise over the last five years and it has been a real pleasure watching her grow and develop new skills. Thank you, Sam, for being such a dedicated library employee and we look forward to what we can accomplish together in the future!

In what part of the library do you work?

I work at both the Youth and Adult Circulation desks.

What has changed the most since you started working here?

The people. In the few years I’ve worked here I’ve seen some people move away, both co-workers and patrons, but I have also loved to see the new people that I’ve gotten to know along the way.

What services offered at the library do you wish more people knew about?

I would love it if our 3-D printer got used by patrons more often. It’s so awesome that we have one, and also that patrons can use it. So many fun possibilities!

What has kept you working at the library?

I love the environment here! I came for the books but stayed because I enjoy helping people find what they’re looking for.

If you could have a cup of tea with any author, who would you choose?

Edgar Allen Poe. He I have always been intrigued by his work, and I think he would be an interesting person to sit in a room with.

What’s an underrated book you think everyone should read?

The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups by David Wisniewski. It’s silly but also contains quasi essential information.

Secret knowledge of grown ups

Do you have a book character role model?

Violet Baudelaire. She and her siblings don’t let their unfortunate circumstances keep them from taking care of each other.

About the Author

Katherine is the Social Media Coordinator and has been working at EPL since 2008. She loves books, especially ones with unique plots and those written so well that she can't put them down.