Director's Update

Published Thursday, March 14, 2019

Mission, Vision, and Goals

When you think of libraries, your first thought may be of books and quiet spaces, but the library of today offers so much more. The Edwardsville Public Library strives to be responsive, community-driven, and learning-focused.

To accomplish these goals, the Board of Directors initiated a strategic planning process in 2017 by forming a committee made up of community representatives, board members, and library staff. The purpose of the committee was to develop a mission and vision that would translate into organizational goals. These goals would then position the library to respond to current needs and react to changing trends.

We sent out 732 surveys to cardholders and non-cardholders and received 163 replies. We also posted the survey on social media and received an additional 104 replies. The survey results reinforced the fact that you look to us to be your resource for information, including books, other media, and technology. The surveys also indicated that resources for early literacy and children’s reading are a high priority, as well as spaces for quiet study and creativity.

The committee agreed upon, and the Board of Directors approved, the following mission, vision and goals for the Edwardsville Public Library:

Our Mission:
Opening Minds, Connecting People, Engaging Communities, Creating Experiences

Our Vision:
The Library will be the center of possibility, the inspiration for life-long learning, and the heart of a diverse community.

Our Goals:
Create an Inviting Space
Increase Awareness through Community Engagement
Expand Library Border

New EPL Logo

We want to share some news with you that we are very excited about. The Edwardsville Public Library has a new logo!


As a first step in this process, The Corporate Electric in Edwardsville worked with us on the design of a new logo. Jim Harper’s inspiration was the classic blue note jazz series, and he compares that to how the life and heart of a library is like a complex musical score where all of these things are intertwining and mixing. When you look at our new logo you may see books, but we hope you also see the vibrancy and the possibilities waiting for you at the library!

Our Carnegie library building is an important part of our history, and we have honored that for many years by using our building as the library’s logo. Although our new logo doesn’t incorporate images of the building, we want to reassure you that we are dedicated to continuing to honor, respect, and value the historical importance of the Edwardsville Public Library and its Carnegie building.