Evan's Thanksgiving Movie picks

Published Monday, November 22, 2021

My family's Thanksgiving tradition is that instead of watching football or some other sporting event, we watch movies. Over the years we have watched tons of movies, mostly kid’s films for the little ones that are around. But every now and then we would watch something more my speed. Below are some of the movies that I have watched with my family and some I would like to watch with them in the future.
- Evan

District B13

In the dystopian Suburb of B13, undercover policeman Damien Tomaso works together with locals to prevent a major disaster in this action-packed parkour adventure.

Parkour! - Michael Scott

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The Golden Child

When investigating the disappearance of a young girl, social worker Chandler Jarrell (Eddie Murphy) discovers that he is the chosen protector a young boy kidnapped from a Tibetan temple who possesses mystical powers and the title of The Golden Child.

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Red Cliff

Red Cliff is a visual marvel of a movie based on the Battle of Red Cliffs. This film is sure to bring together both history buffs and action junkies alike.

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This is hands down one of the best 80’s movies. If you love the Rick Moranis, Honey I shrunk/Blew up movies, this should be right up your ally.

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The Flowers of War

This is one Christian Bale's sleeper hits that slips under most people's radar. It is a wonderful historical drama that showcases the good that people are capable of in desperate times.

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