Eye-Catching Documentaries: Just Added

Published Tuesday, September 10, 2019

My co-workers and I enjoy keeping up with the movie streaming channels so that we can choose the best titles for our DVD collection. We strive to get all the big names, the award winners, PBS hits, British favorites, great documentaries, non-fiction, and patron suggestions. Here are a few new titles that showcase our diverse collection. Enjoy!


Enjoy the “spectacular avant-garde” choreographies of flamenco dancer Rocio Molina, who has thrilled audiences around the world. This intimate portrait of the artist follows Molina as she improvises her performances in unusual settings like museums and prisons. Mixing modern dance, theater, and performance art, Molina still manages to preserve Flamenco’s rich traditions.

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The Sunday Sessions

This film follows deeply conflicted Nathan, who is struggling to reconcile his religious conviction and his sexual identity. Granted full access by Nathan, the filmmakers follow him as he willingly attends conversion therapy sessions, family group sessions, and weekend therapy camps. The result is a “sensitively crafted emotional and psychological thriller which chronicles two years of Nathan’s journey” leading to a profound epiphany.

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Life in the Doghouse: Two Men, One Mission, 10,000 Lives

Watch the remarkable story of two men who devote their lives to saving dogs at risk. Danny & Ron’s Rescue service began with their love and devotion to their own dogs and has grown over ten years to inspire and capture hearts as they teach us how to make thoughtful, responsible choices when it comes to man’s best friend.

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Target: St. Louis

After Hiroshima, the US Army, eager to discover new ways to weaponized atomic power, allegedly engaged in a series of classified open-air studies designed to test the effects of aerosol radiation in a metropolitan setting. Passed off as Cold War “defensive” safeguards against Russia, unsuspecting citizens were used as guinea pigs. Low income African-American neighborhoods in North St. Louis were targeted because the area “matched the climate and terrain of downtown Moscow.” Within the last five years, local outcry as further information surfaced has led to federal legislation. Learn more as key players in these events try to get at the truth.

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Cary is our Development & Outreach Librarian. Her “perfect” day is reading or watching British crime fiction with a cup of hot tea close at hand and her cat Clio on her lap.