Favorite Reads of 2022 (so far)

Published Wednesday, August 10, 2022
The Change
by Kirsten Miller


This is the author's first adult novel. A library patron recommended the book to me and I loved it! It's a combination of crime fiction, mystery, fantasy, satire and suspense which are things I rarely find in the same novel. Without giving anything away, three friends band together to solve a murder and fight inequality. The characters are my favorite part. They're each interesting in their own ways but more so as a group and they are definitely memorable. It's a book you won't want to put down and one you'll be thinking about after you finish.

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by Dan Simmons

This is a science fiction classic that I somehow missed reading over the years. It's so well written! I've seen it compared to the Canterbury Tales in that the book brings together a group of pilgrims and each tells their story. But their stories are so surprising and well-written each section reads like a complete books. Give it a try!

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Grace Under Fire
by Julie Garwood

I could not put this book down! Mystery, romance, and happy endings - my favorite kind of book! Julie Garwood is a great author too.

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This Is Not a Book about Benedict Cumberbatch: The Joy of Loving Something--Anything--Like Your Life Depends on It
by Tabatha Carvan

This book explores what happens to female imaginations and desires once we leave childhood and adolescence. Why, as adults, we often lose our ability to experience the wonder of “pure, unadulterated joy.” The author believes that harmless obsessions serve a wonderful purpose, allowing us space to recapture the benefits of daydreaming, collecting, creating, and yes, “fan-girl-ing.” Her obsession was Benedict Cumberbatch for a while. My “obsession” is turning out to be re-visiting macrame, collecting quotations from everything I read, and bing-watching The Golden Girls. Read this, become inspired, and find out where it leads you.

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A lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting
by Sophie Irwin


I mostly read mysteries but the jacket and it’s description caught my eye. It is a romance set in Regency era England that engaged my attention from the first page. The characters are well described, their interactions ring true. It is more than just a twist on the usual story of a man seeking a heiress to wed; it is an engaging exploration of the lives and thoughts of the different social classes. It is a perfect summer read. Glad I read outside my usual mystery genre!

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Hunt the Stars
by Jessie Mihalik

It's a science fiction heist romance, what more could you ask for?

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More Than A Carpenter
by Josh McDowell

I thoroughly enjoyed More Than A Carpenter, I was repeatedly recommended this book, and I only regret that I took so long to finally getting around to reading it. McDowell approaches the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus from an academic and historical perspective. The book is short and easy to finish within just a few hours if you want to, and whether you are Christian or not I think it is thoroughly worth reading. It is written in a clear, consistently engaging style, and once I started reading it I could not put it down until I had read it all the way through.

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Pomela's Opposites
by Ramona Badescu

This is a delightful book of opposites presented by Pomelo, the Garden Elephant. It is translated from French. Included with all the standard opposites are philosophical, surreal, and just plain funny opposites. I chanced upon this book while shelving. I liked it so much, I bought a copy!

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Through the Woods
by Emily Carroll

Sam O.
It's a wonderfully creepy, yet enchanting, set of stories. A quick read, but a memorable one, with beautifully haunting illustrations. I would definitely recommend for readers both young and old!

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