It's Picture Book Month! Staff Favorites

Published Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Drawn Together
by Minh Lê

The art is so beautiful, and the message is clear, even though there aren't many words.
- Sam L.

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Owl Moon
by Jane Yolen

One of my new favorites is Owl Moon by Jane Yolen. I discovered it when my children were in elementary school. It is a peaceful book about the companionship of a little girl and her dad going "owling" in the woods at night. No need for electronics or noise or crowds. It is just the two of them in the woods with the hope of spotting an owl. In the girls words, "When you go owling you don't need words or warm or anything but hope." The illustrations convey the quiet hopefulness and the sweet relationship between dad and his girl.
- Sally

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Dragons Love Tacos
by Adam Rubin

This book is absolutely hilarious and it combines two of my favorite things, dragons and tacos! The illustrations are fun and the story itself is fairly whimsical. Kids will get a laugh out of it, for sure!
- Devin

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Emma Dodd

My current favorite children's book is Together by Emma Dodd. It is a cute story of a baby sea otter and his mom spending the day together floating down the river. Over the course of the day they swim, they hold onto each other, they lay in the sun, and they even learn something new. In the end, the mommy otter says that her favorite memories are the days she spends with her little otter.

This book is special to me because my family has always been very close. Looking back at my childhood, my favorite memories were made when all of my family was together having fun. Even now that I am grown and moved out, my favorite days are the ones spent with my family all together again. Those days are now rare for us so I cherish them every chance I get!
- Kelcey

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A Library Book for Bear
Bonny Becker

I really like Bonny Becker's "Mouse and Bear," particularly "A Library Book for Bear." It's an odd truth that picture books starring bears who are named "Bear" are almost always great. I'm spotlighting this one because it's the first book in the series I got a chance to read. And because it has dancing pickles.
- Mason

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Grand Luxe: The Transatlantic Style
by John Malcolm Brinnin and Kenneth Gaulin

My interest in ocean liners started with a tv movie in 1996 called "Titanic" starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Tim Curry. The next school day I went to my school library and found an old copy of the Titanic book "A Night To Remember" by Walter Lord. Ever since I have been completely hooked on Titanic and my interest quickly expanded to other ocean liners as well. Soon after I went to my public library and began ordering every single book I could find on ocean liners. One of the first to come through, and one that remains my favorite, is Grand Luxe: The Transatlantic Style. It is a pictorial history of the interior decoration of ocean liners from the turn of the 20th century up till World War II. It offers some photos but mostly glorious period sketches, paintings, and other forms of artwork depicting the glorious cabins, lounges, cafes, swimming pools, libraries, smoking rooms, and dining salons of these floating palaces. He not only describes the interiors of these legendary ships but also describes the people who sailed on them and the atmosphere aboard. The style, the luxury, the sophistication that is so far removed from the modern cruising experience. In addition he describes each of these ships as they were: unique beings with individual personalities all their own. More than hunks of wood and paint and steel to those who knew them these ships were alive and when reading this book they truly do come alive.
- Jake

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The Princess and the Fog
by Lloyd Jones

My favorite thing about this book is that it teaches kids that it's okay to be sad, often for no reason, and gives them the tools to talk about and work through depression. The main character, a princess, is fighting a "fog" and the other characters try numerous things to help fix it. Ultimately, what she needs is a friend to sit with her and be willing to talk if she needs it.
- Kaylee

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