Meet the Staff: Logan W.

Published Wednesday, December 8, 2021
How long have you worked at the library?

6 months

How many items do you have checked out right now?


How many items are on your hold list?


What aspects of the library do you think are underutilized?

The ability to browse. So many people either hold books or come in knowing exactly what they are looking for. Obviously sometimes you do not have time to just look around on the shelves, but when you have time it is worth doing. I have found quite a few very interesting books just browsing.

What is your favorite book format (book, audio, mp3, e-reader, etc.)?

Book (hardcover for reading at home, softcover for anywhere else)

What books do you feel guilty for not having read?

A lot of the classics. War and Peace, Lord of the Flies, Catcher in the Rye, etc. I always mean to read them and then I never do.

Have your reading habits changed since working at the library? If so, how?

They have become a bit more varied. I always somewhat tried to read various kinds of books, but generally I stuck to Fantasy and Science Fiction. Working at the library I have had the opportunity to see and read books that are outside of my usual comfort zone, especially in the nonfiction and biography sections.

What is your perfect reading environment?

An armchair in the corner of a relatively dark room with an overhead lamp, a blanket, a hot tea, and Christmas Music playing, in the evening.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what single genre of books would you want with you?


Sitting ducks
What was your favorite children’s book when you were a child? What is your favorite children’s book now?

When I was young my favorite children’s book was probably Sitting Ducks by Michael Bedard. Now, it is probably The Jesus Storybook Bible, because it presents the Gospel in an easy to understand way for younger children, while still being accurate, and faithful to the original texts.

Before you worked here, what was your worst library transgression?

Accidentally keeping my books until they became overdue. Honestly, I still sometimes do this.