It's Picture Book Month! Staff Childhood Favorites

Published Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Love You Forever
by Robert Munsch and illustrated by Sheila McGraw

I still (I think) have the copy I read as a little girl, and I remember reading it to my younger brother.
- Sam L.

Dinosaur, Roar!
by Paul Strickland

This book is my favorite childhood book--and I also still appreciate it in adulthood--because of the beautiful, colorful artwork.
- Allie

Nellie: A Cat on Her Own
by Natalie Babbitt

It’s a sweet story about a marionette cat discovering the wider world outside of the comfort and familiarity of her home. I love it still because it shows that we can rise up from sad and lonely times in life to have new, magical experiences. The illustrations remain vividly in my memories of reading this one over and over as a child.
- Kristen

Katy and the Big Snow
by Virginia Lee Burton

I was probably initially drawn to this book because the main character is named Katy, my childhood nickname. However, both the illustrations and the story line are what made this my childhood favorite. Katy is a hard-working tractor that does work all summer-long for the city of Geopolis. She wants to be useful during the winter too but she is so big and strong that she has to wait for a really big snowfall. I loved seeing the paths she creates as she plows out the city and helps the doctor get to his patient and the firefighters to the fire. As a child, this book's illustrations captivated me!
- Katherine

Drummer Hoff
by Barbara and Ed Emberley

I think I liked the book for a combination of reasons. The first is it features simple rhymes around the various soldiers' names and repeats these multiple times. I think I found that fun as a child. It also features a very interesting art style with bright and vivid colors.
- Nathanael

The Jolly Postman or Other People's Letters
by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

This is the first book I can remember my parents ever giving me and I remember taking it with me everywhere. I was always a big lover of fairy tales and this book offered a unique take on it. It offers more than just words and pictures. The little pieces of mail you can take out were such a delight to me as a child. The fact that this book is part of a series makes it all the more memorable and enjoyable. This book, to me, is the definition of fun and imaginative.
- Jake

Blueberries for Sal
by Robert McCloskey

I remember going to my Kindergarten screening and being asked what was my favorite book. I replied "Blueberries for Sal." It is a sweet story of a mom and her little girl and a bear and her cub out gathering blueberries. The young ones get lost and end up following the wrong mothers for a bit. I remember especially loving the illustrations. Everything is drawn in a very dark blue on cream colored pages. I was able to "read" the book by looking at the illustrations. I still enjoy looking at the pages! I read this book to my children and I have given this book to many first-time moms.
- Sally

Mother Goose
by Blanche Fisher Wright

Like generations before me, I grew up with Mother Goose, and was fascinated by the pictures and rhymes from another time. “Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey . . .” I didn’t know what that meant, but I would contemplate it very happily!
- Cary

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Red is Best
by Kathy Stinson

I claimed red as my favorite color when I was little and tend to be Very Particular about how I like things, so I've always loved this story about a little girl who favored her red paint, red cup, red boots, even when a different colored one might work better.
- Kaylee

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