People of EPL: Jack D.

Published Monday, November 15, 2021

We are excited to share with you another interview in our People of EPL series. We're highlighting people in our community who want to share their library story. These may include how the library has impacted their lives or a positive experience they've had at the library. If you'd like to share your library story, we'd love to hear it. Click on the button below for more information:

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A life-long library user, Jack D. says that Edwardsville Public Library is “the best place in town to get my research and information on a subject”. He knows that he can look things up on the internet, but he prefers sitting down with a book in order to gain more understanding on a given subject.

In addition to using the library for research, Jack also enjoys finding novels that he can read in his spare time. “I do a lot of browsing at the library, in the stacks, in the New book section and in other special spots.” Jack never leaves the library empty-handed. After browsing the stacks, his tote bag is filled with a little bit of everything: mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and his non-fiction research endeavors.

Jack suggests that the library continue to “keep on doing what you do best, filling people’s prescriptions for new books.” He sees the library as a place to get your questions answered. “I am not sure other people know how much help is available.”