What Language Should You Learn? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

Published Thursday, September 26, 2019

Mango is a personalized, adaptive language-learning experience that provides the tools and guidance you need to expand your language skills wherever and however you learn best. Reinforce your language skills with listening, reading, and review activities. With over 70 languages available to learn, your options are limitless! Mango has created a language personality quiz to help get you started.

"The goal of learning a new language is a noble one, but choosing the right language to learn is also important! It helps boost your internal motivation (you know, that thing that keeps you up studying verb conjugations before bed when you'd much rather be asleep, or checking Instagram just one last time). But with almost 7,000 languages out there, the choice can be a little paralyzing. No need to worry – Mango's got your back with a fast, fun, and (maybe) accurate language personality quiz to point you in the right direction.

So, go ahead — take our quiz below to see which language is destined to be your own personal lingua franca. (If you aren't sure about a question, just go with your gut feeling!)"

Mango Languages Quiz

Don't forget you have until October 7th to try Mango, and be entered to win a Mango prize package. For more information, and the survey you need to fill out after you've tried it out, go to our earlier blog post.

German Result

Staff Members with this Result:

Jacob, Katherine, Jason, Mason, Kelcey

Cherokee Language

Staff Members with this Result:

Cary, Mary, Sally

Icelandic Language

Staff Members with this Result:

Kristen, Tara, Devin, Amanda, Gwen


Staff Members with this Result:

Emily, Sam

French Language

Staff Members with this Result:

Jake, Megan, Jill, Randolph, Dorothy

Portugese Brazilian

Staff Members with this Result:

Kaylee, Krista, Evan

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