Which Famous Poet are You? We Took a Quiz to Find Out

Published Tuesday, April 30, 2019

To celebrate National Poetry Month, we took this completely unscientific quiz to discover which famous poet we are most like. The pie chart above shows the percentage of staff members that got each poet. If you'd like to take the quiz, here's the link:
Which Famous Poet are You?

William Shakespeare

"You have a mastery over language that was clear from a young age, manifesting itself in your perfect grammar, reflexive spell-check, and knack for rhyme and antithesis. You can adeptly and efficiently explain your point of view in just a few words, and people seldom turn down your business proposals. Keep using your gift for words, it will serve you well and take you far."

Cary, Katherine, Kaylee, Tirzah, Sally, Jake, Elizabeth, Devin, Kristen

E. E. Cummings

"You are eclectic! Your work is always messy, often caffeine-fuelled, and never boring. Your desk is a chaotic nest of papers, pens, pencils, notebooks, candy wrappers, more notebooks, and scissors. Embrace the chaos, your lifestyle is what allows you to create such original and inspiring work."

Joyce, Gwen, Amanda, Mason, Mary, Krista, Dorothy, Tara, Jill, Randolph, Sam, Jason, Hannah

Edgar Allan Poe

"You are certainly not one to be trifled with when it comes to your opinions. There is nothing more pleasing than the petrichor after the rain, the sound of crickets in a dimming twilight, or the softness of a bird feathers under your fingers. You are mysterious, and while people may not always understand you, they are drawn to your words."

Emily, Dawn, Evan, Kelcey, Lisa, Megan, Allie

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