Which Librarian from Pop Culture are You?

Published Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Do you have a favorite fictional librarian? Book Riot put together a fun quiz to see which librarian from pop culture you are most like. When we took this quiz, there were a lot of surprises. Take the quiz and find out who you match up with!

All the pictures and descriptions are from this quiz on Book Riot's website.

Mrs. Phelps from Matilda

"You're compassionate and have a soft spot for kids--you may even be a children's librarian! You're a lover of reading and just want others to enjoy reading as much as you do. You're constantly loaning books out and like to think of yourself as a personal librarian to your friends."

Kristen, Katherine, Amanda, Jacob, Megan, Devin, Kaylee, Mary, Tara

Tammy 2 from Parks & Recreation

"Were you trying to get Tammy 2? Bringing that chaotic evil energy to a simple, fun quiz? You read the last chapter of a mystery novel just to ruin for everyone else, don't you?"


Marian Peru from the Music Man & Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy

"People may think they can read you like, well, the cover of a book, but they should know never to judge a book by its cover! Underneath that uptight exterior is someone who'd go on adventures, fall for a con man, awaken an ancient being, and push dirty books like Balzac onto young girls! You can still wear glasses and be liberated, you know."

Sam O., Sam L., Mason

Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony

"People on Twitter know you as the knowledgeable, well-read friend who falls into a lot of typical librarian cliches, but you're like, fun! You're super fun and you love to tell people about the things you know. Your personal librarian skills may be lacking, but it's fine because you've distracted everyone with your glitter and how fun you are! Oh, and you'd definitely LOVE to guest on a podcast, absolutely!"

Emily, Kelcey