Whoooo Loves Owl Books?: Allie and Cary's Recommendations

Published Thursday, July 18, 2019
Owl at treehouse

Many of know the thrill of getting a glimpse of an owl in the wild. We are naturally curious about these elusive birds that can see us way easier than we can spot them! Because there are probably more owl-lovers out there, we are sharing a few titles available at the library to check out on this subject.

And, if you’d like to see owls up close in our area, take a trip to the TreeHouse Wildlife Center – an 8 1/2 acre property located in Dow, IL just a few miles outside Edwardsville. The center offers an ideal atmosphere for the care of sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife as well as a haven for those who cannot be released back into the wild. Make a trip to this family-friendly place to get a closer look at these beautiful, mysterious creatures.

Allie’s Favorites:

Owl Power
DVD - 598.97 OWL

This non-fiction DVD is a documentary about owls, one of the most awesome and powerful birds of prey. This DVD highlights the typical life cycle of an owl, and how they are one of most formidable nocturnal hunters in the animal kingdom.

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Owls of the World
Book - 598.9 MIK

A non-fiction encyclopedia about the various owls that can be found throughout the globe. This book is fascinating because it shows the true breadth of these stereotypically elusive creatures, and how they actually can be found almost everywhere on Earth—including a native Hawaiian owl, the Pueo!

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One Man's Owl
Book - 598.97 HEI

A nonfiction memoir detailing the kinship between the author—Bernard Heinrich—and a Great Horned Owl named “Bubo” in the forested wilds of Maine.

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The House of Owls
Book – 598.9 ANG

A memoir detailing a family’s observations and appreciation of a pair of screech owls. This book is both informative and detailed, mixing scientific information with an artist’s appreciation of nature. There are magnificent illustrations depicting owls in various actions, including hunting, flying, and nesting.

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Wesley the Owl
Book – 589.97 OBR

Another memoir detailing one woman’s life-long journey with Wesley, a barn owl that the author and caretaker took into her life. This memoir is especially relevant for people who are already animal and nature lovers, as it brings up the question if animals—wild or not—should be kept in captivity, and if they can reach a bond with a human to be considered friends.

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Cary’s Favorites:

Owl Babies
Children’s Book - E Waddel

I don’t remember how I came across this book – it might have been a gift – but it was my favorite book to read to my two children when they were very small. The illustrations are lovely and the features on the faces of the three little owl siblings (Sarah, Percy and Bill) are so expressive as they wait and worry for their mother to fly home. I loved to read the story using a different voice for each owl and when Mother Owl finally does come home and all their fears are allayed, they bounce up and down in happiness. The rhyming patterns and story resolution give readers and children a wonderful feel-good moment!

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Book - 598.97 MOR

This lovely book was given to me as a gift. It will hold the interest of owl lovers, casual readers, and history buffs. Author Morris has written a highly readable gem. He examines the owl’s depiction in mythology, literature and art and provides an overview of its fascinating biology. Beautiful photographs illustrate the mystery and our historical relationship with this powerful creature, which has served as an omen of good and evil. Loved it! Curl up with your hot beverage and settle in for a couple hours of real enjoyment.

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The Great Horned Owl: an In-Depth Study
Book – 598.97 RAS

This fairly recently published book is a thorough resource, yet easily readable, for the most widely-dispersed owl in America. Many of us have seen these beautiful giants in our own yards at dusk. I had an ongoing “conversation” with a pair that lived in the woods behind my house for many years. They are truly awe-inspiring and this book will surely make you as much a fan as I am.

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The Owl and the Pussycat
Children’s Book – E 821.8 LEA

This children’s classic is still one of my favorites. As I child I wondered, what were “mince and slices of quince” and “runcible spoons” anyway? As an adult I still find myself drawn to the many beautiful artists’ renditions of the cover art for this book. Pick your favorite version. Read it for the children in your life, or as a gentle reminder of simple pleasures.

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Allie has been a Page in the Adult Library at EPL since 2017. An avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction, some of her favorite categories include poetry, mystery, and self-help books.
Cary is our Development & Outreach Librarian. Her “perfect” day is reading or watching British crime fiction with a cup of hot tea close at hand and her cat Clio on her lap.