Women's History Month

Published Monday, March 1, 2021

Test yourself or challenge friends in these Kahoot trivia quizzes, and learn about the movement, as well as many incredible women whose hard work and achievements made history! Want to discover more about any of the notable figures mentioned in the quizzes? Ask at the library!

International Women's Day
Created by History by Kahoot

When is it? How did it begin? Do you know? Let's find out!

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Phenomenal Black Women Who Made History
Created by Rebel Girls

Play this game by Rebel Girls to learn more about extraordinary Black Women and their remarkable achievements!

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International Women’s Day: Women in Literature
Created by ELA by Kahoot

Get quizzed about women in relation to literature throughout history.

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Women Inventors
Created by Gals Guide

What famous inventions (that you may still use everyday) were created by women? Play to find out.

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The Women of Disney Animation
Created by Disney Youth Programs

See the women behind the scenes of some of your favorite Disney movies!

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