Books & Materials Donation Guidelines

The Edwardsville Public library appreciates your donations of new, or gently used, books and materials. Donated books and materials not added to the library’s collection may be sold in Carnegie’s Café and Used Books Store, sponsored by the Edwardsville Library Friends, or sold online to used book vendors. Proceeds from these sales are used by the Friends to support library programming and services.

Procedure for Donating:

  • Call ahead and speak with the Collection Development Coordinator to make arrangements for large donations (more than 2 bags or boxes): 618-692-7556 (x 7).
  • Large donations not pre-arranged may be turned away.
  • Donations can be brought to the Adult Service Desk for review.
  • Please do not leave donations outside library building or in book drops
  • Library staff cannot put a monetary value on your materials donations, but we can provide a receipt of delivery with date, if requested.

We Cannot Accept:

  • Any item donated with restrictions or disposition of use.
  • Any item with the following:
  1. Water stains/ food stains
  2. Mold stains (mold can spread to existing books in our collection)
  3. Aged books with yellowed & loose pages
  4. Torn pages / broken spine
  5. Noticeable odor (ie. smoke)
  6. Cracked DVDs / CDs / cases
  • Encyclopedia or Reference Sets / Volumes
  • Textbooks over 2 years old
  • Computer books over 2 years old
  • Magazines (a small number of magazines (6 or less) can be placed in our “free” basket)
  • National Geographic collections/issues

Please See the Library Director if You Wish to Donate:

  • Maps / Atlases
  • Historically significant items (or contact the Madison Co. Historical Society or MCHS Library/Museum: 618-656-7562).
  • Artwork
  • Photographs

Please Note: Memorial Donations may be discussed with the Library Director