Citizen Science

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Are you curious or concerned about the world around you? Do you love exploring nature? Would you like to help scientists in their research? Then you may be interested in Citizen Science! Join other volunteers participating in projects to assist professional scientists by contributing your own observations from your computer or phone.

Edwardsville Public Library has a new collection of equipment kits for your use in various Citizen Science projects. The available projects are listed below, along with the kit you would need to check out. Click the links next to each to check the availability of the kits.

Dark-Sky Citizen Science Projects

We have partnered with the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) to bring you six Citizen Science projects to get you involved in the community effort. The IDA Missouri Citizen Science Program is a collection of citizen science projects allowing patrons of public libraries to contribute data that will help scientists better understand the impact of artificial light on our night sky and life on Earth.

In addition to library-provided equipment, you will need the following to complete the projects:

Read more about the Dark-Sky projects by clicking the button to View Project Guide for each project (these guides are also included in the Library Equipment Kits that can be checked out).

Measuring Light in the Night

Help gather light pollution data.

Kit to Check Out: Measuring Light in the Night Kit

View Project Guide
Astrophotos: Measuring Light Pollution

Help astronomers study light pollution by taking photos of the sky with your smartphone.

Kit to Check Out: Astrophotos: Measuring Light Pollution Kit

View Project Guide
Astrophotos: Lunar Photography

Experiment using smartphones and telescopes for astrophotography.

Kit to Check Out: NexYZ 3-axis Universal Smartphone Adapter

Additional Equipment to Check Out: Telescope

View Project Guide
Birds of North America

Collect pictures of birds in your area.

Kit to Check Out: Birds of North America Kit

View Project Guide
Exploring Biodiversity

Document and identify plants and animals around you.

Kit to Check Out: Exploring Biodiversity Kit

View Project Guide
The Great Sunflower Project

Identify where pollinators need help.

Kit to Check Out: The Great Sunflower Project Kit

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