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OverDrive is an established platform with eBooks, digital audiobooks, and magazines that works with smartphones, tablets, and even e-ink readers like Kindle Paperwhites. This service features 28,000+ distinct eBooks, and 13,000+ unique audiobooks. OverDrive has recently added 3,000+ digital magazines to their platform with current and back issues available for hundreds of titles.

See Amanda's OverDrive video tutorial here.

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Cloud Library is an eBook service with a collection of popular new titles in eBook and digital audio formats. This service is catered to smartphones, tablets, and computers.

See Amanda's CloudLibrary video tutorial here.

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Hoopla provides instant access to a wide collection of movies, full music albums, eBooks, audiobooks, digital comics, and television shows. All of these are fully accessible from your PC or Mac or through the Hoopla Digital app on your smartphones and tablets.

Amanda's video walkthrough for Hoopla is here.

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Digital Movies

Streaming full length films and documentaries. This service includes foreign films, hidden gems, and films curated by the Criterion Collection. Compatible with tablets, computers, and on streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV.

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