Library Card Application

- If you reside or own property inside the Edwardsville city limits, there is a line item for EDWARDSVILLE CITY LIBRARY on your tax bill and you will not need to pay any additional fees to get a library card.

- If you live outside the Edwardsville City Limits, you will be charged a fee based on the taxable value of your property.

- If you are unsure of your residential status you can look up your tax bill on the Madison County Tax Lookup website.

(Please include street address, city/state/zip)

How do you want to receive information about this account? If you sign up for email or text message, you will also receive courtesy notices before items are due and before your library card expires.

I would like to receive occasional emails from the Edwardsville Public Library regarding information about services and programming.

Edwardsville Public Library does not link family cards. If you would like to give someone permission to use your library card, without having your card in hand, please list their names in the box below. (They will still need to present their photo ID)

Would you like to maintain a log of items you have checked out?

- Upload a scanned copy or a picture of your photo ID (i.e. valid driver's license, state ID card) If your ID does not have your current address, please also include a recently dated piece of mail, utility bill, or lease agreement with your name and your address.