Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Rooms - Public Use Policy

As a way of supporting our mission, the Edwardsville Public Library (EPL) welcomes public use of its meeting rooms. The purpose of this policy is to accommodate and provide fair access to as many qualifying groups and individuals as possible.


  • The Library has three rooms available for public use, if not already engaged by library staff or volunteers for library programming, meetings, or events:
    • Large Meeting Room (max capacity: 80)
    • Presentation Room (max capacity: 20)
    • Small Conference Room (max capacity: 12)
  • The views of those reserving meeting rooms do not necessarily reflect the views of the Library staff or Board of Trustees. Outside advertising of meetings taking place in the library shall not imply endorsement by the EPL staff or Board of Trustees.
  • The Library reserves the right to revise any scheduled meeting arrangements and to preempt established reservations for library programming needs. In this case, every effort to supply reasonable notice to the applicant will be taken.
  • No special privileges are extended to organizations to which library staff or library board members belong.
  • Library staff will not knowingly permit the use of its rooms for any illegal purpose.
  • Rooms can only be scheduled within a two-month window. Short-notice requests have less of a chance of fulfillment. A standing request for repetitive days or dates cannot be accommodated.
  • Approval of applications is always at the discretion of library staff using criteria listed in the next section. A group or organization which has been denied room use may appeal such a decision to the Library Board of Trustees at the Board’s next regularly scheduled, posted meeting.
    • Any appeal must be submitted in writing to the Library Director at least 5 days before such Board meeting.
    • At scheduled Board meeting, applicant may have 5 minutes to present his/her case.
    • The Board will deliberate on the appeal in open session and will attempt to make a decision at that meeting unless additional information is deemed necessary.
  • At the conclusion of a public-use meeting, the group/individual applicant is responsible for placing the room in the clean & tidy condition existing before meeting commenced. This includes, but is not limited to, clearing up trash and cleaning tables.
  • A library staff member will check the meeting room before and after each public use reservation, and report any violation of room use to the Adult Services Librarians. The group/individual applicant may be notified in writing of any violations of the rules or criteria in order to resolve outstanding issues or to pay for property damage or theft. Depending on the circumstances, future room use privileges may be denied.

Criteria for Use:

  • All meetings scheduled in library rooms will be for non-profit groups, community organizations, volunteer tutors, and student study groups. For-profit groups, paid tutors, and purely social or personal events (showers, parties, reunions, etc.) are not allowed.
  • The application for room use must be submitted by an adult 18 years or older with an EPL Library card in good standing. The applicant will be responsible for fulfilling room use criteria, and be on site in attendance during the meeting to see that rules are followed.
  • All room reservations will be made online via our website form, or by phone, and will be processed by our Adult Services librarians. Applicants should receive a reply within three business days.
  • No kitchen facilities are available.
  • Library equipment may be used by prior arrangement only, depending on the room requested: projector, audio speaker, podium, flat screen HDMI TV, and Blu-Ray/DVD player.
  • No meeting shall cause undue interference with regular library services and operations, or endanger library staff, patrons, or property:
    • The volume of talking, music, or group events of any kind must be kept to a minimum so as not to negatively affect other library users.
    • No heated foods allowed. Dry odorless food and covered beverages may be brought into the rooms. All food trash must be removed and taken away after meeting.
    • Outside equipment or materials cannot be stored in the library. EPL is not responsible for the loss or damage to equipment or materials brought into the library which is owned or rented by a group/organization.
    • All users of our library meeting spaces will abide by the Library Code of Conduct, which can be read online, and will be clearly posted in each room.
    • Nothing may be attached to walls or ceilings.
    • Window and door glass cannot be covered for privacy, obscuring view inside room.
    • No public group/individual may charge an admission fee to their meeting.
    • No public group/individual booking a room may use the library’s mailing address or phone number as their contact information under any circumstances.
    • Meetings may only be scheduled during the library’s normal business hours. Only the Library Board of Trustees can make exceptions to this rule, and these exceptions will be documented in the open meeting minutes.
    • Meeting cancellations by a public group/individual must be communicated to the Library staff as soon as possible so that the room may be rescheduled for other uses.
    • Meetings will be canceled by library staff if the library must close unexpectedly, due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Every effort will be made to notify public groups.

Revised by the Edwardsville Public Library Board of Trustees - November 17, 2021