Summer Reading Challenge

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The Summer Reading Challenge is from June 1st-July 31st. This page is primarily for ages 0-11. If you are interested in the Teen Summer Reading Challenge, you can find it here. If you are interested in the Adult Summer Reading Challenge, you can find it here.

How It Works
  1. Read a book and log it online in your Beanstack account starting June 1.
  2. See your badge appear in color after logging.
  3. Once you earn 10 badges for reading books, you have won a Free Book and an entry in the Grand Prize Drawing!
  4. Pick up your Free Book at the Edwardsville Public Library Youth Desk.
  5. After that, you will earn a badge and an entry in the Grand Prize Drawing for every 10 books you read & log until the end of the program! Winners of the Grand Prize will be notified in early August.
Register for the Summer Reading Challenge

There are 3 ways to track your reading this summer:

  • Click on the "REGISTER" link below and participate through EPL's Beanstack website on your desktop/mobile device.
  • Download the “Beanstack Tracker” app available on the App Store and Google Play and participate through the Beanstack app.
  • Print paper reading logs available on this page.

If you already have a Beanstack account for EPL Reading Challenges, you can sign in to your account and then register for the Summer Reading Challenge.

Print Paper Reading Log (Ages 0-11)

If you would prefer to participate with paper logs, you can print it at this link below. This log is for Ages 0-11. The Teen paper log is located here. If you are unable to print, you can use paper you have at home to log your books and then redeem your prize at the youth library desk (when the library is reopened).

Print Paper Reading Log (Ages 0-11)
Summer of Numbers

Add a little math to your summer reading! Bedtime Math posts a new math problem every night on their website and their free app. Kids fill in a new star on their chart every time they do Bedtime Math. If you are unable to print, keep track of your progress on paper you have at home. Return your completed chart (when the library is reopened) to be entered in a raffle for a free book.

Summer of Numbers Chart

Summer Slide

Learn about what summer slide is and the importance of reading during the summer. Information provided by iREAD.

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Prevent Summer Slide Summer Reading Research