Cary's Shelf - Have you tried The Great Courses?

Published Thursday, July 28, 2022

We have a wonderful collection in the library that I think deserves a spotlight: The Great Courses. If you've never heard of them, they encompass DVD and Audio CD lectures by esteemed academics on a variety of topics for lifelong learning. These college-level courses are presented to be enjoyable and instructive for anyone interested in learning about a new topic at an entry to intermediate level. We have over 90 titles to choose from! Here is a sampling (course descriptions from the publisher):

Philosophy, Religion, and the Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? Is human existence meaningful or absurd? Is it even worth asking this kind of question? Anyone who has ever pondered these fundamental questions has an extraordinary adventure in store.

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The Everyday Gourmet - Mediterranean

Tapas. Olive oil. Clean eating. Three of the biggest trends in the world of food aren’t really trends at all—they’re hallmarks of the close-to-the-earth style of cooking known as Mediterranean cuisine. With one foot rooted firmly in tradition and one balanced on the cutting-edge, Mediterranean cooking is both quintessentially classic and utterly contemporary. It’s one of the most flavorful, fresh, and varied cuisines in the culinary canon—not to mention one of the most healthful styles of eating in existence.

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The Art of Investing

Business school professor and portfolio manager John Longo conducts you through the life stories of over 30 men and women who have built spectacular fortunes through investing. Each lecture focuses on a single approach, such as value stocks, growth stocks, mutual funds, and hedge funds, while covering the careers of some of the world’s most successful traders.

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Classic Novels

Life flows onto the pages of the books we read. More than a mere "slice of life," classic novels perform a sort of miracle, jolting us to see the remarkable, often provocative truths that underlie the human condition. To experience these extraordinary novels is to ask deep and sometimes unsettling questions about our lives and our world.

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The Essentials of Tai Chi and Qi gong

If you’ve ever seen a group of people moving in exquisitely graceful dance-like exercises in your local park, gym, or community center, you have witnessed the ancient Chinese arts of tai chi (taiji) and qigong. These ordinary people are improving their health, strength, balance, concentration, and mental well-being—and they are having fun while doing it! Best of all, you can enjoy all these benefits yourself, regardless of your current level of physical fitness.

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The Art of Public Speaking

Maybe you're delivering a corporate presentation or interviewing for a new job. Maybe you're a teacher lecturing students or a citizen addressing a neighborhood association. Maybe you're arguing a case before a courtroom or persuading book club members about the merits of your latest read. Whatever the situation, being able to speak in public is essential to success. You can have the most logical argument possible, but in order to truly teach, inform, persuade, or defend, you [will learn] to present your ideas with conviction and confidence.

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The Great Tours: Greece and Turkey from Athens to Istanbul

The shimmering turquoise waters and lost worlds of the Aegean await you. Grab your travel hat and join us for a unique cultural journey to the dramatic landscapes of Greece and Turkey—to dazzling ancient cities, majestic empires, and magical treasures of history.

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