Edwardsville Intelligencer: Read the Daily Paper with Your EPL Digital Access

Published Friday, May 8, 2020

NewsBank is an electronic resource through which we have been able to provide access to the Edwardsville Intelligencer from 2000 to present. Beginning with all 2020 issues of Edwardsville Intelligencer, we will now have access to a full image edition of the newspaper.

With this new image-based presentation of the Edwardsville Intelligencer through NewsBank, you’ll see a full digital replica of the newspaper. You can zoom in and out for easier reading, and you can save pages as PDF files for printing or archival purposes. And it's all in color! This will be much better for printing off photos and clippings for scrapbooking or keepsake purposes. There's even a citation button to help students easily cite the Intelligencer for assignments and research papers.

Click here to start reading the Edwardsville Intelligencer. See below for a quick guide to help navigate to this resource from our homepage at www.edwardsvillelibrary.org

Intelligencer resources page

Currently, you can find a link to this resource at the bottom of our main web page under Newest Databases. You will also be able to find it on our Resources page. When you click the link for the Edwardsville Intelligencer, you'll be prompted to enter your Edwardsville Public Library barcode number. After entering your 13-digit barcode number and hitting Log In, you'll be able to select the text or image edition of the Intelligencer.


After clicking on the image edition link, you will be able to browse all issues from 2020 by date. If you want to read issues from 2000-2019, you'll need to follow the Text link.

Intelligencer browse by date
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