Comic Book Corner: 5 DC Graphic Novels for Readers New and Old

Published Monday, August 28, 2023
Batman: The Long Halloween
By Jeph Loeb, Illustrated by Tim Sale

My first recommendation on this list, The Long Halloween is far and away my favorite Batman story for a number of reasons. One: I adore early Batman stories and this story takes place between years two and three of his character. He is learning that he has to be more than a person fighting crime, he also has to be a detective and figure out who he can trust. Two: the dynamic duo of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale really make this story come to life, a tough job when they're juggling so many iconic villains. Three: and finally, I'm a sucker for Two Face/Harvey Dent and this might be the single best story to define his fascinating relationship to Batman.

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All-star Superman
By Grant Morrison, Illustrated by Frank Quitely

Of the big three icons of the DC universe, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, Superman is certainly my favorite. I'm a chump for stories of strength in hard times, overcoming adversity without punching your way through things, and the enduring hope that exists within all of us. These values are exemplified through Superman and Superman is most exemplified through this iconic story. My favorite behind the scenes for a comic, this run almost didn't happen. As Grant Morrison was talking to Mark Waid about the story and the strong potential of giving up on it after a comic con, they met a Superman cosplayer on the stoop outside the con and had a conversation with him. As they did, he remained in character the entire time. That conversation inspired the story, and his position on the stoop inspired the iconic cover.

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The Legend of Wonder Woman: Origins
By Renae De Liz, William Moulton Marston, and Illustrated by Ray Dillon

Back to my love for early superhero stories, this is my favorite origin story for Wonder Woman. The story of her coming from the clay and the magic of Hypolyta's want for a child makes Diana a much more interesting character. Entering the tournament to be champion in secret against her mother's wishes shows her independence and willingness to do the right thing despite the consequences. Her need to help man's world despite needing to find her way back home. All of these aspects are what makes Wonder Woman who she is. In addition to her quintessential story, the art seems to fit right into a Wonder Woman story. It fits right with the original artwork while having a modern feel.

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The Flash: Wally West Returns
By Kevin Shinick, Jeremy Adams, Andy Lanning, Ron Marz, and Illustrated by Clayton Henry

Part of the current Flash ongoing series, this book is a wonderful acknowledgment of Wally West's accomplishments. DC has mistreated Wally for a few years, but this book does him right. The relationship between Wally and Barry is heartwarming, two titans of the DC universe that went from being mentor/mentee to truly viewing one another as equals. After all, they are both flash. The story itself is good with the authors having good grasps on the characters and handling reintroducing Wally well without disrespecting Barry, and I'm very excited to see where the story goes.

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Batman/Superman: Worlds Finest: the Devil Nehza
By Mark Waid, Illustrated by Dan Mora

Another ongoing series, this book is one of my current favorites. The story is fun, going back to the core of the characters, going earlier in the characters' histories and telling stories with a classic feel, and going back to my favorite Robin, Dick Grayson. I really enjoyed Nehza as a villain and setting up future events. In addition, Mark Waid and Dan Mora are absolute powerhouses of the scene right now. I truly believe they will both end up as greats. Mark Waid's writing style feels unique and recognizable while still morphing perfectly to fit the characters he's writing. Dan Mora's artwork is perfectly eye-catching without being distracting from the story or making all the characters look the same. This story benefits greatly from both of them.

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