Meet the Staff: Kristi H.

Published Friday, April 29, 2022
How long have you worked at the library?

I started at the beginning of January, so I’ve been here for about four months!

How many items do you have checked out right now?

I’m going to guess that I have around ten items checked out.

How many items are on your hold list?

I have a few holds placed in Libby right now for ebooks and audiobooks.

Holidays on ice
What book can you read again and again without losing interest? Why do you still read it?

I really like Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris. It’s fun to revisit every holiday season because it’s lighthearted and contains a silly essay about his experience working as a mall elf. It’s really cute.

What aspects of the library do you think are underutilized?

I think everyone should use our online resources more. Before working at the library, I didn’t realize how much is offered through our apps. You can easily place holds and read books from your phone. It’s awesome!

What is your favorite book format (book, audio, mp3, e-reader, etc.)?

Lately I’ve been loving eBooks, but I do still check out physical books from the library as well.

What is your favorite aspect of working at the library?

I love everything about working here! It’s a fun environment where I get to work with kind people who genuinely want to help others. What’s not to love!?

What is your guilty reading (or listening) pleasure?

I have no guilt. If there’s a nerdy book I like, I like it!

What books do you feel guilty for not having read?

I have never read the Harry Potter books and I feel like it’s a gap in my cultural reference knowledge.

Have your reading habits changed since working at the library? If so, how?

I definitely read more now that I work at the library. I was an English literature major in college, but it’s easy to get too busy for reading once you graduate. Working at the library has reinvigorated my love of reading books.

What is your perfect reading environment?

The perfect scenario would be cozied up on my couch with a cup of coffee and a little crochet project to work on as I read.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what single genre of books would you want with you?

I’d probably want to bring books of essays/comedic essays or autobiographies. I like reading nonfiction.

What was your favorite children’s book when you were a child? What is your favorite children’s book now?

I read a variety of books as a child, but it wasn’t until I had my own child that I feel I became an expert at children’s books. I have a nine-year-old and we’ve read so many books. I’m a big fan of Dav Pilkey, Mo Willems, Marc Brown, Leo Lionni, Jan Brett, Herve Tullet... There’s just so much great stuff out there!

Before you worked here, what was your worst library transgression?

I have definitely lost a book, paid for the book, and then found the book. Whoopsie! Haha.