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Published Thursday, January 11, 2024
The Librarianist
by Peter deWitt

I picked this book up because it had the word "librarian" in it, and the cover caught my eye. Yes, I do pick books based on their covers sometimes. I have continued reading because it becomes a touching story and I want to see how it ends. I'd recommend this to people who liked the book "The Reading List" by Sara Nisha Adams.

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The Book of Doors
by Gareth Brown

I decided to read this one because the premise is fascinating. There's a special book can turn any door into a doorway into wherever you want to go. I've only started this one, but the writing has captured my attention and I can't wait to find out what will happen next.
- Katherine

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American Girl Cooking
photography, Nicole Hill Gerulat; conceived and produced by Weldon Owen, Inc. in collaboration with Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

I happened upon this book while shelving in the youth department. Out of curiosity, I started reading this book and, lo and behold, there were some tasty recipes inside. I like that there is one recipe per page with a photo on the opposite page. I'm looking forward to preparing some of the dishes.

This is a nice little cookbook for anyone who does not want to be overwhelmed by a voluminous book.
- Sally

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by Carys Davies
I was drawn to this book by the publisher’s promo: “A stunning, exquisite novel from an award-winning writer about a minister dispatched to a remote island off of Scotland to “clear” the last remaining inhabitant, who has no intention of leaving—an unforgettable tale of resilience, change, and hope.” I am intrigued so far by the straightforward, yet subtle, portrayal of two men (both with jobs to do, and very different lives to lead) whose paths cross due to outside forces neither of them can control. How they navigate these forces, which ultimately become very personal to each man in his own way, provides an intimate look at the human condition. I'd give this book to anyone interested in simply-written gems that pack an unexpected punch.
- Cary

Expected publication April 2, 2024
The Dead Take the A Train
by Richard Kadrey and Cassandra Khaw

I have wanted to read this book for a while. Its amazing cover is what initially drew me to it. The characters are engaging and relatable. I find myself immersed in their world following Julie (the main character) as well as several of the secondary characters. If you’re a fan of urban fantasy filled with demons and magic then this might be just what you’re looking for. I will warn you though, it does tend to be on the more violent side.
- Jim

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The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers
by Maxwell King

I initially picked this up for research and because I love Mr. Rogers. The book details, more than just his life as a children’s entertainer, really looks at his upbringing and background to discover how the personality of Mr. Rogers developed. Anyone who grew up in the 60s-80s would love the book and I think a general biography lover would find interesting. I have the Jim Henson: The Biography ready to go next and then Tony Sarg: Genius at Play: Adventures in Illustration, Puppetry, and Popular Culture. Tony Sarg is the man that invented the Macy’s parade balloons.
- Greg K.

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Mushrooming: An Illustrated Guide to the Fantastic, Delicious, Deadly, and Strange World of Fungi
by Diane Borsato

I chose this book because I love mushrooms and reading all kinds of different mushroom and mycology books as I find them. This particular book caught my eye because of the beautiful illustrations on the cover and throughout the book. The beautiful pictures and commentary make for easy reading and learning all around!
- Avie

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The United States of Cryptids: a tour of American myths and monsters
by J.W. Ocker

I picked up this book because I love cryptids and learning about different myths/monsters. The book is organized into different cryptids from different parts of America, so if you're only interested in myths from the mid-west, you can read just that section!
- Aubrey

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The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
by John Koenig

This is a neat book about filling in the gaps in the English language for words that describe emotions that don't have a name. I've been fascinated by the number of words that I have learned that describe something that I felt but didn't have the word. I'd recommend this honestly, to anyone.
- Evan

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Ghost Island
by Max Seecky

This book is Nordic crime fiction and is a series which is the reason I picked it up. The plot and detective are the reasons that I have wanted to keep reading it. Anyone who enjoys crime fiction should start the series.
- Kelly

Expected publication February 27, 2024

The Sword of the North
by Luke Scull

I picked it up because I had enjoyed the first book in the series: The Grim Company. I decided to continue reading the series because I enjoy fantasy novels, and so far the series has been a decently well-written dark fantasy series. While I would not recommend this series to everyone, if you enjoy fantasy novels and especially dark fantasy novels, you will likely enjoy the series. It is not my favorite dark fantasy series I have read, but I am enjoying it more than enough to want to continue reading it.
- Logan

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Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone
by Benjamin Stevenson

I read it because it was recommended to me...but would have picked it because of the title and cover art! The online Amazon description says it all...Knives Out and Clue meet Agatha Christie and The Thursday Murder Club in this “utterly original” novel. I loved all those books. I think anyone who likes a fun read combining classic and modern mystery would like this book.
- Mary

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by Hannah Grace

I had heard all about this on TikTok and finally decided to give it a chance. I am about halfway through and I am really enjoying it! I've enjoyed seeing the growth of a relationship between the two main characters, and I love a not toxic male lead (at least, he hasn't done anything yet that's screaming red flag for me).
- Aubrey

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Starling House
Alix E. Harrow

I've read and enjoyed other books written by Alix E. Harrow and this one sounded intriguing so I decided to give the audiobook a try. So far it's a pretty dark, mysterious book that is verging on scary but I can't wait to find out what will happen next.
- Katherine

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Dragons of Autumn Twilight
by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

This is the original Dungeons and Dragons novel about the mythical setting of Dragonlance. It’s high fantasy with a classic good versus evil story that starts small and expands into a life and death struggle for the world. I first read this back in 2008 and wanted to revisit it to see how it has held up. It felt good to be back with characters I love and a cause worth fighting for. I have also paid extra attention to how the book sells the idea of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign and by reading this you can gain tons of ideas about how to setup just such a campaign with an eccentric cast of characters. Some complain it is a Lord of the Rings clone but I feel it adds its own spin on the idea and nothing feels played out or obvious in the story.
- Greg G.

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Final Girls
by Riley Sager

I’m reading Final Girls by Riley Sager after an author recommendation from a friend. I love a thriller and a murder mystery, so Sager’s catalog is right up my alley, and I decided to start at the top. So far, it’s giving slasher-film vibes and has my brain sifting through the suspects, not knowing which characters to trust.
- Kristen

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Breaking Dawn
by Stephenie Meyer

I have always loved the Twilight movies, and I finally decided to read the series. Truth be told, I started Breaking Dawn months ago and still haven't finished it (even though I only have a few chapters left) because I get distracted by other books. I love how every relationship is given more detail in the books, we get to see a lot more depth than what is shown in the movies.
- Aubrey

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