When You Just Can’t Get Enough: Long Book Series

Published Friday, May 27, 2022

Sometimes you'll read a book and find yourself wishing for more. With these series that will still be true, but there will also be more. These seven series are all ones I have personally read and can vouch for the quality of, and although it will take a while to make your way through them, you will not regret a second of the time you spend reading them. All of these series can be read and enjoyed by people of all ages, but I have tried to pick ones that appeal primarily to different age groups, so no matter what stage of life you are in you will be able to find something to enjoy on this list.

- Logan

Gone Series by Michael Grant
9 Books

When I was in high school this was one of my favorite series. The series is somewhat reminiscent of both X-Men and Lord of the Flies, while also still being its own thing. It is aimed primarily at teens and young adults, but can certainly be enjoyed by any age group.

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Hornblower Saga by CS Forester
11 Books

This is probably my favorite series on this list. It follows the career Captain Horatio Hornblower, a fictional British sea captain during the Napoleonic wars. If you are a history buff, you will love this series. If you are not, you will probably enjoy it anyway. These eleven books chronicle Hornblower's rise from a teenaged Midshipman all the way to becoming an Admiral in his mid-forties. They are aimed primarily at adult readers, although personally I started them early in high school and enjoyed them thoroughly.

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How to Train Your Dragon Series by Cressida Cowell
12 Books

When I was in elementary and middle school these were some of my favorite books, and I still enjoy going back rereading them from time-to-time now. This series follows the misadventures of Hiccup and his hunting dragon Toothless as he navigates being the future chief of Berk. The series follows Hiccup from age 10 to age 14.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket
13 Books

This series follows the Baudelaire orphans who have to combat those who seek to steal their inherited fortune, particularly their archnemesis Count Olaf. They are primarily aimed at juveniles through young adults, but are thoroughly enjoyable at any age.

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Enderverse by Orson Scott Card
20 Books

This is an incredibly well written series of books. There are actually a couple of series that constitute the Enderverse as well as multiple novellas, but all of them are well worth reading. The first of the books in the Enderverse was Ender's Shadow, with Card just recently having completed the series with The Last Shadow. The series is aimed primarily at adults and teens, with some different books being primarily aimed at different age ranges.

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Redwall Series by Brian Jacques
22 Books

This is a series aimed at juveniles through young adults, and is primarily made up of adventure stories. It is a unique series that follows talking animals living in Redwall Abbey, and the books take place over multiple centuries in the same world. All of the books can be read as standalones, or as part of the larger series.

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I am Number Four Series by Pittacus Lore
30 Books

This series follows a group of aliens who are sent to earth after their planet is destroyed. They have to learn how to use their unique special abilities to combat their enemy, Setrakus Ra, the author of their homeworld's destruction. It is primarily aimed young adults, but can certainly be read by all ages.

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